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Resources & Infrastructure.
Resources & Infrastructure.:
TES allocates highly experienced detailing team(s) for each project and use the same team for same fabricator for continuity. TES has about 92 members in detailing group.
Our typical team composition and experience include:
Detailing Team Composition
Project Managers :14
Sr. Detailers :20
Jr. Detailers :20
3D Modelers :14
Checkers :20
Engineers :4
Total :92
Detailing Team Experience
Project Managers(15+ yrs PM, Detailing and Checking Experience):
Sr. Detailers(up to 10 yrs Detailing Experience)
Jr. Detailers (up to 5 yrs Detailing Experience)
3D Modelers(3 to 10 yrs Detailing Experience)
Checkers(10 to 15 yrs Detailing Experience)
Our detailing infrastructures are as given below:
Detailing Software:
X-Steel, SDS/2, Prosteel and Autocad
Other software from Microsoft and Adobe etc.
Servers and 100+ PC workstations Dual core processors or higher
4GB RAM PCs with dual LCD monitors
UPS backup for server and workstations
Weekly full and everyday incremental backups
T1 equivalent Internet connection
FTP server for file transfer to and from clients
TES's execution centers are operated similar to small to medium sized engineering services providers. Our execution centers are have all the latest office facilities and technology in:
Comfortable work place with sufficient space for designers or engineers
PCs with Dual Monitors
Licensed DeskTop software for PCs
A1 to A4 Size Printers
A1 to A4 Size Scanners
T1 Internet Service
Reliable ftp Service
Daily Incremental and Weekly Full Backups
Remote Backup Backup Power - UPSs
Web Conferencing Facility
Engineering Expertise
TES has 100+ engineers across the World in structural, piping, process, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. These engineers are highly qualified with decades of experience in engineering design and field application in their respective area of expertise. Project teams can be quickly assembled and deployed with monthly man-hours up to 6,000 man-hour per month in engineering of process plants in Oil & Gas, MidStream and Refining Sectors . Also, our strong structural and piping disciplines can take up projects in their related field and execute project as independent contractor or as part of a large client project team. Feel free to Send Us Enquiry Form to obtain more details.
Execution Philosophy
TES business model incorporates Sales and Biz Dev in US with project execution centers located in US, India and Philippines. This provides significant advantage to TES and our clients to be able to leverage highly qualified work force at lower cost. We cover entire 24 hours a day cycle that improves productivity. Besides, TES believes in placing TES project coordinator at clients office or project location for good communication and efficient project execution.
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